Sunday, 29 August 2010

united states marine corps tattoo designs

these are the types of tattoos you see united states marine corps wearing, obviously usually men, but of course with women being in the army you can also see lots of women wearing these united states marine corps tattoos as well.

but it does help to be a marine if you are going to get a usmc style tattoo, the picture below is one of the biggest of the marine corps tattoos i have seen, also has religious overturn to it as well, as the marine insignia to the tattoo design.

united states marine corps tattoos


usmc tattoos

here is a look at a usmc tattoos favourite with the bulldog, this is a popular design of a army tattoo with the bulldog motif, looks good on usmc tattoos for united states marine core soldiers.

usmc tattoos


army tattoos for men usmc

well here is a other style of tattoos, army tattoos for men, these are the tattoos you get if you are going in the army, and what tattoos you need to look out for soldiers, this is a classic army style tattoo.

army tattoos for men


lower back tattoo design

well i like this lower back tattoo design on this girl it looks to be of a hindu god i think, really nice tattoo and goes well with her hair and skin colour as well.

lower back tattoo design


self styled tattoo designs for girls picture

i think this girl looks to have been individual and self styled and picked her tattoo style of designs in this picture.


tattoo girls designs

here some really nice tattoo designs that girls might like!

tattoo design girl


another self styled look on these designs it seems.

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